3 books to take to Laythams this summer

Surrounded by nature, as you are when you stay here, you may want to take the opportunity to sit outside (or by a window when the inevitable rain occurs) and read. After all, you can’t go adventuring all the time! So we’ve rounded up some books that may suit you.

1. For the thinker To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee is always a good bet and with the sequel out (Go Set a Watchman) now is the perfect opportunity to catch up with Scout, Atticus and Jem. Go on their summer adventures with Dill and explore the imagination of childhood. With the rich environment and engaging plot, it’s always a lovely book to visit when you are surrounded by the world outside.

2. For the watcherFindings by Kathleen Jamie. This is a beautiful collection of Jamie’s view on her travels. With inflective thought and reflective memories spurred on by what she sees, she takes you on a journey through caves and museums and really opens your eyes to the potential of everything around you. It’s a nice calm read for a nice calm day.

3. For the loverAnna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy. Ok don’t freak out, yes it’s by the same guy who wrote War and Peace (which is equally enjoyable) but this book is a true classic. A love story with vibrant characters such as Vronsky and Levin, not to mention the titular character Anna, you are flung into the social intrigues of 19th century Russia. This would be perfect for a long holiday as it’s a rather long book!

So there you go! Our top three reads for a summer at Laythams, have you read any and, if so, what do you think about them? Do you agree? Why not leave a comment below about what books your planning to take with you to Laythams?

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