3 tips for that last minute family holiday!

Last minute family holidays are always exciting; maybe it’s the spontaneity of not pre planning activities to do, not knowing what the weathers going to be like or just the adrenaline rush we get when we make a ‘jump-in’ decision.

With summer in England being unpredictable in terms of sun, rain and wind we usually get a few sunny spells in September, so now is the best time to book your last minute break. Even if it is just a couple of days, here at Laythams we encourage all our guests to make the most out of the rare and little sunshine the UK is blessed with.

Be it with family, friends or family and friends we have the perfect accommodation for you to gather and spend a few days in our cosy multi-family cottages. When you do make that all important decision to come and spend some time in the lap of the breathtaking Beatrice and Burn Fells with us here at Laythams we have 3 simple tips to make sure you get the best out of your last minute break.

Tip 1.
Get exploring! Whether it’s just exploring the Laythams farm, seeing the animals and the produce or popping into Clitheroe to see what’s going on, being active will make those cherished memories.

Tip 2.
If, by a matter of chance, you find yourself waking up to a rainy day then get yourself into Clitheroe to visit some of the towns indoor attractions such as, The grand, Ascot Studios Art Gallery and Longitude Gallery.

Tip 3.
Get up and get active. Forget those long lie-ins and say hello to 9am wake up calls from the local Cockerel.

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