3 Types of Exercise for the Summer

Ok, so apparently the UK has been introduced to a golden disc floating in a sea of blue, also known as the sun. So we at Laythams decided to leap on the opportunity to take advantage of this weather!

1) Parkrun – A fever has claimed many cities and towns, which has resulted in friendship and fitness. A free timed run of 5K. They welcome all fitness levels and there is no pressure. Instead you sign up online, print a barcode and go for a pleasant amble in the sun. You may get to widen your circle too. They also do junior runs and, on certain holidays, themed runs. Parkrun have also supported causes and helped raised money for charities. Whether you’re training for a marathon, or just want to get out and see the light then this could be the activity for you.

2) Cycling – Who didn’t go on bike rides when they were a child? Many children are locked in their rooms on PS4’s or iPhones; why not take them out for a bike ride around a lake? Take them across bridges that stretch over the water and under weeping willows.

3) Swimming! – Whether at the beach or your local pool, how better to cool off than swimming. It’s also incredibly good for your body, so get in and do some lengths…or widths. We’re quite partial to the widths here. But get in the water, get some of those pool noodles or mini-surfboards.

So how about it? Our top three summer activities, whether you have a family or just want some time alone. Get out there this summer and we’ll see you on your holidays!

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