3 Warming Autumn Activities


Three Warming Autumn Activities


Here at Laythams, we know that this time of year can make you feel low. The

constant rain and wet leaves can be a real downer. So we have gathered the top

three things that can warm you up and bring a smile to your face! Number two is

our particular favourite.


1. Baking – There’s nothing better than the smell of cookies cooking. The

smell clings to your clothes and feels like a warm hug. Not to mention you

can share the love by taking some with you on a long autumnal walk,

along with a thermos of coffee or tea. We have plenty of kit in our lovely

kitchens for you to do a little extra baking!


2. Hot Chocolate – Is there anything better than gooey marshmallows, and

cream, on top of decadent hot chocolate? We don’t think so. There’s

something so comforting about coming in from the cold, lighting one of

our fires, getting changed into pyjamas and flicking the kettle on. Instead

of your usual coffee or tea in the evening, switch it for hot chocolate. It’s

guaranteed to warm you right up. We’ve heard that honey and camomile

tea is also brilliant for relaxing with. Tootle along to

Booth’s in Clitheroe for some luxury ingredients including whipping cream…mmmmmmm…


3.Movie night with a loved one in one of our cosy cottages is the perfect end

to a brisk walk and local expeditions (and snuggles of course) – We think

now it the time to start watching Christmas movies. You can flick on the

TV, cuddle up to your spouse and children, and warm your heart with the

Grinch, or Elf, or (our personal favourite) The Polar Express.

And there you have it. If you’re feeling extremely chilled out at Laythams, why

not include all of the above in one massive relaxing day. Start with a shopping

trip to Clitheroe, followed by baking, and snuggle to watch a film with a glorious

mug of hot chocolate. What are your favourite activities for this time of year?



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