4 steps: How to pack your weekend bag

Spending a weekend or a couple of days with us here at Laythams? You don’t really need to pack much for a short stay as long as you get the essentials in.

Here we have 4 easy tips on how to pack the perfect weekend bag.

1. Think sleep. Now we’re entering the dark, cold winter months your over-night essentials will consist of long, flannel pyjamas, maybe even your thermal pyjamas. Pack only one pair of pyjamas, keep it light. If you’re staying with your other half you may not even need any pyjamas.

2. Beauty Essentials are key. You’ll need your toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush and if you’re planning an evening meal, your make-up bag may also be an essential. Throw in your signature travel scent and away you go.

3. Clothing essentials need to be chosen wisely. Take into consideration the weather, keep up to date with the forecast. If you’re coming to Laythams to endure outdoor activities then make sure you pack your thermals, any water proofs and comfortable shoes.

4. Packing the bag. Lay out all your chosen items on the floor next to your weekend bag. Make sure your bag is big enough to accommodate the bare minimum and necessities but small enough to carry and be used as a day bag for activities. Pack the heavier items at the bottom such as the shoes and leave your underwear until last. This can be squashed into any spare gaps.

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