5 Best Dog Walks Near Laythams


There are some wonderful views and walks around Laythams, and we figured we’d best gather the best ones for you to enjoy while on holiday.  Here are our top five!

Clitheroe – There are some truly beautiful places in Clitheroe for you to explore.  Particularly around the River Ribble and Waddington.  If you wander down Low Moor you will be walking through history, Clitheroe’s first Cotton-Spinning Factory was built here and the village grew as time progressed.  If you keep your eyes peeled you may see the oystercatchers that walk the banks of the river.

Pendle Hill – If you are well versed in English history, you’ll be aware of the Pendle Witch Trials.  If this piece of history interests you, you may want to explore Pendle Hill and the country-side around it.


Longridge Heritage Trail – At the edge of the Forest of Bowland, within the Ribble Valley, there is a small village called Longridge.    There are many different trails around this heart of country-side and much of it is breath-taking.  Why not stop at Ye Horns Inn on your way round? 

The Great Stone of Fourstones – This is one of the great landmarks on the Lancashire boundary.  The stone itself has 15 steps so you can climb to the top for a great photo opportunity!


Andy Goldsworthy’s Clougha Sculpture – In between Clougha Pike and Grit Fell, OBE Andy Goldsworthy has left a landmark surrounded by country that you and your dog will love to explore.  And the views are simply astounding.

So there they are: the walks that we remember most fondly.  Have you been on any walks that you, and your best friend, have enjoyed around Laythams?  Share your stories below!

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