5 Halloween Costume Ideas

Ok. So pretty much everyone at this time attends a costume party. Whether you’re going out with the lads (or ladies), or hosting a house party, or even taking your kids out trick or treating. You break out the old bed sheets and ghost it, or buy some £2.50 cat ears and eyeliner some whiskers on your face. But, here at Laythams, we thought that we could help you on your way. So here are 5 easy costume ideas.

1. Pirate – Ah harrr ye mateys. Yeah…I’ll stop now. But with an eye patch, inflatable pirate, white blouse, bandana and black waist coat, you’ll be on to a winner. It’s easy, cost efficient and means that you can wrap up warm without breaking the effect of your costume.

2. Wally – Where’d he go? Have you seen him? Red and white striped jumper? Red and white striped hat? This would be a pretty good one for trick or treating as it means your children could find you easily…ironic huh?

3. Vampire – I know. I know. Everyone does it. But it’s so easy! And you can wear anything. All you need is fake blood and fangs and you’re good to go!

4. Jack Skellington – Here you just need a skull mask and a suit. Again pretty easy. It is also rather creepy. You may also get mistaken for a skeleton, or Slenderman or any other number of scary things. Bit of a bonus if you ask us!

5. Your favourite book character – This adds a realm of personality to it. It also makes as a good conversation starter. So whether you go as Peter Pan, Matilda, Harry Dresden or Frodo. A whole world opens up to you.

So there you have it, our list of the best costume choices to help make this season a bit smoother. Happy Halloween!

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