5 Local Ingredients for the Last BBQ Days





It’s still possible to have a BBQ in the autumnal evenings, to help you on your way to a warm glow we want to suggest you try these local ingredients:


Lancashire Beef Burgers – Add a slice of mature cheddar, oreven some Crumbly Lancashire cheese, while they sizzle on the BBQ, toast up some brioche buns from the local bakery, and you’ll have one of the best burgers going.


Foil-Wrapped Potatoes – You could have these as a side (particularly if you used new potatoes) or as a lovely main that you could top with cheese, tuna or beans.  Our mouths are watering already.




The ‘C’ Kebab – Whack out those skewers and slide on some courgette, chicken, celeriac and carrot.  Alternatively, use up any veg left over from Friday’s dinner! Try getting fresh chicken from Anderton’s Butchers in Longridge or Clitheroe.



Corn on the Cob – Is there anything more satisfying than glistening butter trickling down your fingers as you munch on BBQ corn?  We are hard pressed to imagine anything better!  Just lay the cobs on the BQQ and turn regularly.  Alternatively, you can wrap them in tinfoil.


Ice Cream – Ok.  So you don’t really need a BBQ for this one.  But a BBQ does provide an excellent excuse to eat some local ice cream.  Grab some cones and flakes and you’ll have the best part of a favourite British treat.


We hope that these ideas have stirred up your appetite; we’re certainly debating having an office BBQ for those fall evenings!


Have some other ideas for BBQs?  Comment below!



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