5 Manageable Family Walks To Pubs


Being situated in a beautiful corner of Lancashire means it’s easy to combine exploring and sampling what is on offer in the local area. And by this we mean walks to pubs, of which there are many to choose from. In fact the only challenging thing about these walks is deciding which one you want to do! We have found the best pub walks with different lengths and times to build up an appetite and cater for everyone’s needs. Of course for some walking tens of miles is not their idea of fun so here are five manageable walks to pubs for the whole family!

  1. Hark to Bounty Inn

During your stay with us this pub in Slaidburn will be your local and it’s one that welcomes everyone from families and groups to diners and drinkers. The Hark to Bounty is only 1.4 miles away from Laythams, taking around 25 minutes which is perfect for when you’ve had a long day and need something convenient without compromising on price, flavour or your experience.

  1. Parker Arms

Boasting an abundance of awards and featuring on many ‘must see’ lists, the Parker Arms is a contemporary country inn located in Newton-in-Bowland. 2.1 miles away, this walk will take approximately 40 minutes down a country road flanked either side by rolling fields of green, a perfect opportunity to take in the natural beauty whilst thinking about what you will eat when you arrive!

  1. Inn at Whitewell

Going slightly further afield is the Inn at Whitewell which, depending on which you would prefer, can be either 6.8 or 7.5 miles away. This will take approximately 2-2.5 hours to walk and will take you through Newton-in Bowland then out into the countryside once more. This old fashioned rural inn has a sophisticated edge, without being too formal, and offers well-cooked dishes made with local ingredients.

  1. The Higher Buck

Claiming to be one of the most idyllic villages of rural Lancashire, Waddington is home to the Higher Buck which offers a log fire, local ales and a traditional pub atmosphere. Walking the 7.1 miles to this pub will take you right through the heart of the Forest of Bowland and should take 2.5 hours.

  1. The Black Bull Inn

The walk to the Black Bull in Chatburn is a pleasant combination of roads and country lanes, and if you have a pushchair you can follow the road right round which would only add an extra twenty minutes to the three hour, nine mile journey. As with all these walks, you are in the midst of an Area of Natural Beauty so everywhere you turn you’re greeted by the British countryside at its best, even if it might be a little chilly at this time of year!

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