5 Reasons To Get Married In Clitheroe

5 reasons to get married in Clitheroe
Having recently hosted our first bridal party at Laythams Lakehouse, we thought we’d give you 5 reasons to consider getting married in Clitheroe.
Choice Of Venues
Clitheroe offers a huge range of venues for every budget. Whether you’re more of a stately home kinda couple or more low key and would prefer the local pub
They’ve even got a fishing lodge available! Clitheroe really does have a spectacular choice of unique wedding venues. And what’s more romantic than the rolling hills round you on your special day?
Stunning Scenery 
Following that.. The scenery. English countryside, minus the weather, can you really beat it? So you pick your special venue to blow everyone away but why not top it with breathtaking views around you?
Local Wine
With a choice of fantastic local wine merchants, and plenty of wine tasting opportunities available before the big day, Clitheroe really does offer a personal touch with wines when accommodating your wedding.
Local Food
Whether you want michelin star or you’d prefer a farmers market, Clitheroe really does offer a huge range of delicious food. There’s the Parkers Arms which is just 1.5 miles from Laythams, or check out the local farmers markets on the the 3rd Sunday of every month.
You can find out our availability here if you’d like to do a short stay to try out the local cuisine.

At the Sir Charles Napier.

Laythams may not be able to host your WHOLE wedding party if you’re planning a less intimate do, but we can host up to 24 guests (including sofa beds).
With the Lakehouse 5* available with adorable space for bridal parties to get ready or the farm house with plenty of bedrooms, we can offer a lot. There are plenty of other gorgeous accommodation available too nearby,from country homes to b&b’s, Clitheroe really does have it all to cater for your big day!
Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Watson who joined us for their wedding in June, and inspired this blog!
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