5 Summer Activities for You and Your Children

Ok, so holidays sometimes lure you with boredom. It hangs fun under your nose but then when you reach to grab it you simply can’t be bothered. Here, at Laythams, we want to do everything and anything to prevent the stifling weight of boredom. So here are some adult and children friendly activities that don’t take an abundance of effort.

1) Colouring. Don’t look at us in that tone of voice. It sounds like a silly suggestion but adults can enjoy colouring as much as any child. Especially with the popularity of adult colouring books. It is a form of therapy and can be really relaxing. And your children will love spending the extra time with you. So break out those pencils and colour. Don’t forget the sharpener either!

2) Flying a kite. Now, yes we mentioned this in an earlier post, but it doesn’t mean we are fixated, honest. British weather is often very windy and seeing a big red kite soaring through the skies is an image often associated with our childhoods, so pass that image on to the next generation. Share the joy of kite-flying. Sure, getting it airborne is sometimes tricky, but once it’s up it is so easy to do.

3) Card and Board Games. Snakes and ladders. Chess. Draughts. Dingbats. Uno. Go Fish. You get the idea. Games are a brilliant way of spending quality time with your family and here at Laythams, we are passionate about family time. This is a good method of beating the boredom.

4) Exploring. Go wander. Have a walk, climb some trees, take a sneaky peak around. Curiosity is never a bad thing, so why not take a look at the beautiful countryside. Play nature bingo and teach your children the different trees and plants. Keep and eye out for bunnies and lambs and deer.

5) Catch. Never underestimate the power of one ball and the notion of not letting it fall. Catch can keep people occupied for hours, if played right.

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