5 things to consider before booking your summer escape

Summer is coming, haven’t you heard? People are stocking up on sun screen, buying buckets and spades, throwing psychedelic swimming shorts into their shopping trolley, and writing guest lists for their barbeques. We do it every year, and somehow our plans don’t always pay off. Our parties get rained off, the sea is too cold for us to wet our shorts, and when the sun does peer through the clouds we are too busy shivering in the shade. Oh how we love the summer. But it is the time to get away, and we British are a robust people. So what are we to consider before we take that well-earned break?

1: The weather

Let us not kid ourselves here, summer doesn’t necessarily mean sunshine. Be honest, how often have you planned to soak up the rays, lying on a blanket absorbing those illusive UV rays, just to have to duck into a local chippy and wait for the storm to pass? British weather is as predictable as the outcome of a blind man’s archery contest. But it doesn’t have to ruin your getaway. If it all goes wrong, why not take a relaxing day somewhere like the Dunkenhalgh Hotel and Spa. Indulge in a couple’s treatment day, or just pamper yourself for the first time in umpteen hundred days. The rain can batter the world all it likes when you sitting inside being treated like royalty. When you have finished you can unwind in your luxury Laythams hidey hole, and let Mother Nature throw her tantrum.

2: Those pesky kids

Do you have kids? Ah the little cherubs. They wake up in the morning as if they had drunk five gallons of coffee in their sleep. While you are still wiping that greasy stuff from your eyes, they are using your bed as a trampoline. Even teenagers aren’t always going to be happy sightseeing and trudging through museums in their hoodies. So I you have kids, you obviously have to factor in a day or two doing things they can enjoy, because lets be fair, they probably deserve a break themselves too. Don’t laugh, I am being serious, they do. Somewhere like Blackpool, a short drive from Laythams, where there is a beach, the Pleasure Beach, and donkey rides. Or somewhere like the Yorkshire Dales where the family can go horse riding. Be warned though, you might accidentally find yourself having a little fun too.

3: Accommodation

Where you stay is always a risk to be honest. You choose a place you would like to visit, you look at the accommodation in the area, and check its reviews. A nice hotel, but right on a busy road. Somewhere with a nice view, but nowhere to put your tent. There is a drawback to everything, and of course, there is always the place you book that looks nothing like the picture in the brochure. You turn up to your fantastic broom cupboard with a great view of a tree, after reading it accommodates two people with a brilliant countryside vista. Apartments are all pretty much of a muchness after a while. Consider something unique perhaps? Like a place with a grand piano to tinkle on, a pool table and games to play with your children, or your friends. Then step outside, and look at a genuine rural landscape. Fair enough, it doesn’t have a rave outside every night, but then you probably wouldn’t be looking at Lancashire countryside if you were packing your glow sticks and hi-viz now would you?

4: Doing the different

Do you want to stay by the pool all day? Do you want to get out and experience some culture? You could plan entire week of different events around Laythams. From stately home visits to bicycle rides, festivals, and much more. If variety is the spice of life, then take the time to visit www.visitlancashire.com to see what is going on around us.

5: A bit of indulgence

We human. We like food. We wouldn’t go anywhere on holiday if it meant that all we were going to eat was celery and parsnips. No holidays are complete without a bit of indulgence, a few drinks to wind down to, or to try something different. Consider how whether or not you want to enjoy a few pubs like the ones surrounding Laythams, and the variety of different places to visit to enjoy a meal, or markets to grab some local produce to use in our kitchens. It may just be that you wish to bring with you a slice of home, but for those more adventurous there is always the option to eat out.

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