6 Top Flowers to Plant this Spring!

The sun is shining…so maybe the staff here at Laythams are feeling overly optimistic. Sunshine can do that to a person, but we are already imaging fields of flowers. Buttercups and daisies are one thing, but can you envision your garden filled to the brim with blooming flowers? We can. That’s why we’ve complied this list of flowers that love to be planted in the spring. Hope your gardens benefit from some little additions. Don’t forget the trowels!

1. Pansies – they are more of a cold weather flower, which is why they are best planted in the spring, perhaps in a hanging basket or planter? They also quite like to be planted in well-filtered soil, so make sure not to drown them.

2. Bloodroot – these pretty flowers mainly appear in March, and would be the perfect addition to a shaded garden. Make sure they don’t get scorched in the summer sun.

3. Daffodil ‘Jetfire’ – very vibrant and a good flower to place in a more open/sunny garden but they grow well in most conditions.

4. Intermediate periwinkle – these delicate little flowers can cover ground in awkward gardening areas. They are also low maintenance and prefer moist, but well-drained soil.

5. Sunflowers – these flowers are BIG! For a continued spread of flowers, sow seeds every couple of weeks throughout the season of growth. They are sure to get the passers-by smiling.

6. Hibiscus – perfect for hedging and so bright! They love the sun so make sure to plant them in a nice bright spot.

Woo! It’s nearly spring! We’re already clutching at seeds, ready to plant them. Are you? Do you have some flower favourites that you love to plant in the spring? Why not comment below and spread the love of the flower. They are such small things, but they are so good at making people smile!

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