7 Outdoor Activities for Autumn


Here at Laythams we are constantly reminded how fickle the weather is, so

before we lose the last dregs of summer we decided to compile this list so you

don’t miss out on all that Vitamin D! When was the last time you wandered

outside with your children and/or dogs just for the purpose of seeing the sun?


1. Football – Take a ball, grab some mates, and spend the afternoon kicking it

about. You’re unlikely to remember specific games of FIFA, but when

you’re a little older, you’ll fondly remember the footie games you played

with your mates.


2. Biking – Not having a destination can be one of the best things when going

on an adventure. Get your bikes out of the shed and go for a ride! You can

choose your own pace, your own route, and your own peace of mind.



3. Fishing – As long as you take a good book, or a good friend, this could be

the relaxation you need.


4. Flying a Kite – Oh man, are we a fan of this activity. An empty field, high

winds, and suddenly you have a whole day filled with fun. If it’s warm you

could even have a cheeky picnic while you’re there.



5. Puddle-jumping – This could be the perfect time out for children. We are

so used to telling them to keep dry and warm, but when we were children

we disregarded such ‘rules’. This would be perfect on forest trails or at



6. Horse-riding – This is obviously a bit more expensive than the other

activities, but despite this, it has the chance to be that much more

memorable. If you’ve got a friend’s birthday coming up it could be a great



7. Kayaking – If you’ve got fresh water near-by then chances are there will be

a spot where you can hire out boats or kayaks. Whether you’re alone or

with your family, this could be a grand autumn activity.



Have you got any ideas for activities? Comment below!

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