Best Christmas Day Games In Front Of The Fire




Best Christmas Day Games In Front Of The Fire

Christmas is a time for families to come together and enjoy the festivities. But what happens when too much turkey has been eaten and all the presents have been unwrapped? That’s where good old Christmas games come in handy! Rousing interest during post-dinner sleepiness might be the trickiest part but we promise these games are well worth it!

‘What’s in Santa’s Hat?’ is the perfect game to get the kids giggling. Round up all the Santa hats in the house (or something equally as festive) and place several items into each for players to feel the outside of the hat and guess what they think is inside. The beauty of this game is you can mix the ‘surprises’ up depending on the family dynamics. Collect the bits and bobs from lunchtime crackers and stuff them in or go for something more weird and wonderful to keep your relatives guessing.

Christmas Bingo is a classic game for all the family. Give it a Christmas twist by printing off some cards and use the chocolate coins off the tree (providing they haven’t all been eaten!) as counters. You decide the prize; simply getting to eat the chocolate coins or something more valuable… like getting out of the Christmas dinner washing up! And because bingo is such a familiar game there’s no need to spend ages explaining the rules which is a small mercy in the chaos of Christmas day.

The Heads Up Guessing Game needs almost no preparation and can provide endless fun when cosied up in front of the fire. Simply print these cards out, hold one to your head without looking and the other players have to describe what’s written on the card. This game can be used any time of the year so give it a Christmas twist and have players guess words like mistletoe, reindeer and turkey… a great opportunity for some charades!

All you need for the Category Game is pen and paper for everyone and a bit of imagination! Draw a grid and at the top of each column write a category. These can be anything you like from animals to girls names to countries and food. Each round choose a letter and, once the one-minute timer has started, find an answer for each category. So if the letter was D and the category animals, I would write ‘dog.’  Compare answers at the end of each round. Duplicate answers get nil points so the more outrageously creative you are the more likely you are to win!

At the end of present unwrapping there’s always an abundance of empty boxes, bows and paper so, with the fire roaring in the background, why not get crafting and make Reindeer Ring Toss. Upturn an empty box, style some antlers with your best cutting and sticking skills and make it as real-life as possible. Make some rings out of leftover wrapping paper and hey presto, you have Reindeer Ring Toss. Make it as easy or difficult as you feel by positioning cardboard Rudolph around the room which will surely promise rings flying everywhere! Not only will the kids love the creativeness but older relatives can join in from the comfort of the sofa.


Got any good game tips for us? Leave your ideas below!

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