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And breathe. Christmas and New Years are done with (until next time!) and 2016 has started its swing. The kids are back at school, the family are appeased and the decorations are down. So of course you are thinking about your next holiday or weekend away. And Laythams is the perfect place to go. There are lots of benefits to coming to Laythams for your holiday and we thought we’d list the top three reasons why:

1) Wide open spaces – truly, when was the last time you spent any amount of time in the countryside. When did you last go for a trailed walk? Or even sit in the shadow of a tree. Granted with all the wet weather this winter, snow and rain, wind, you probably don’t want to sit in the shadow of a tree. But think big! Think ahead to the lazy days of summer! I’m sure the idea is more appealing now!

2) Luxurious environment – all of our accommodation is designed for you in mind. We want you to be comfortable, so comfortable you want to come back year after year. Look at our reviews! They speak for themselves.

3) The quiet. Yes I know we talk about this a lot. But it’s so true! It’s quiet out here. Very little noise pollution and it’s a pleasure to not be woken up by city traffic. If you come, I’m sure you will appreciate it too!

So have we persuaded you yet? We can assure you that you’ll love it. We are friendly and would love to meet you! Come and put your feet up at Laythams, you’ll be so relaxed, I’m sure there’s a tree with a shadow you can lie in. After all, what else would you want to do in the warm (hopefully) summer.

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