Countryside Activities for Children in the Easter Holidays

Countryside Activities for Children in the Easter Holidays

Easter is upon us and, that means, so is spring! The days are getting longer and we’re all beginning to shake off our winter slumbers and start to enjoy nature once more.

Easter is a wonderful time to explore the Britain, and specifically to see the countryside. It is a time where blossoms start to appear, sprouting from everywhere, leaves become greener and baby animals roam the land in force, and that’s not even to mention the spring in everybody’s step this time of year!

The sun greets us more often with its uplifting presence – and in the midst of all of this there is the urge to pop away for a weekend with the family, to really get the most out of it.

Here at Laythams Farm Holiday Lets there is fun to be had for all the family, and so we have outlined some of the activities perfect for children that all the family can join in with.

Firstly, the Farmhouse accommodation is wonderfully suited to catering for families of all ages, with its pool table and games cupboard. The yard outside is also the perfect size for little ones to have a run about, whilst the parents can enjoy the security of knowing they are completely walled in. Of course, however, as it is Easter in the countryside, we know that you will be wanting to make the most out of the great outdoors.

So, at our accommodation in the countryside there are no limits to the enjoyment the surrounding fields can provide. With stunning views and wide-open spaces, in the spring air the activities one can indulge in are endless. It is up to you and the kids to decide whether you would prefer to play catch or cricket, rounders or tag, or something altogether more ‘thrill-making’. By this we mean taking a visit to the local stables for lesson or a countryside trek out, or taking the plunge and heading out to do white-water rafting.

Alternatively, if a more relaxed approach is your preference, why not take the kids to the local horse and pony sanctuary to give them the opportunity to learn more about their four-legged friends? For something a little different there is also the Bowland Wild Boar Park, which sees these cute little creatures roaming about freely. They also keep racoons, meerkats, skunks and lambs here too, but we expect you might get a little sick of seeing lambs, as Laythams is surrounded by them! The park has options for petting and feeding the animals as well, a winner with any child.

What’s more with the weather brightening up and the longer days allowing us more time to enjoy it, there are an abundance of beautiful country walks dotted around the whole of the Ribble Valley and the Forest of Bowland, which remains largely untouched. Such walks vary in length and difficulty but the good news is that there is something for every ability. One of our favourites is an easy 40 minute walk along the road to the local Parkers Arms pub – one of the top Gastropubs in the area. What better way to end a scenic walk with your loved ones than with a delicious pub lunch?

I know what some of you might be thinking – that whilst most children have a love of the outdoors, maybe not all children love the idea of going for long country walks. Well, fear not, as there are plenty of other options! Clitheroe Castle for example, and its educational museum, are only a short drive away from Laythams, and are rich in history and will keep the children entertained for hours. After, there is the option of visiting the local skateboarding park, which the Castle overlooks, and taking the family for some much-needed afternoon tea and snacks.

Finally, as it is Easter after all and we definitely have the space for it, we recommend setting up your very own Easter egg hunt for the children to indulge in. This is something we have always enjoyed and allows all the family to get involved. Spread the eggs out around the house and grounds and it will keep everyone busy, happy and full, for hours!

So, there – an overview of some of the many activities that Lancashire has to offer, and I only brush the surface in this article. For more information feel free to inquire, make a booking and we hope to see you in the near future for a fun-filled and activity-packed Easter holiday.

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