For those who like the quiet

Sometimes it’s not the beautiful forest with its golden camera opportunities that attract people to Laythams. And sometimes, it’s not the cheerful village and it’s cosy teashops. Although both of these things have their perks! Sometimes it’s the quiet. The chance to escape demands of work, and get back to your roots. The roots of sitting back and just being. Getting back to your family and refocusing them as the center of your universe.

Come and curl your toes in dew-dropped grass that layers the emerald fields inhabiting the village of Slaidburn. Or duck under a tree and laugh at the rain as you wander through the wild with your family (because we can do many things but controlling the British weather has never been one of them). And then come back to make a warm cup of tea from a fully furnished kitchen. And, of course, come back to the quiet.

Family holidays elsewhere can be bustling and bursting with activities and going places and constantly moving. Just thinking about holidays abroad, or even by the seaside with its filled beaches, leaves people feeling exhausted. But here, you have fields and forests that you feel belong in fairy tales. And in a world that is so loud, it’s important to find the calm. Calm we’re sure you can find with us.

At Laythams, we are far away from the city, distanced from the outside world, which means that it can be just you and those dearest to you. Gather them close and embark on an adventure that lifts your eyes to the memories you can create in this place. It may sound cheesy but it’s a cute cheesy. Right?

But either way, come and escape the cars and streets and small office cubicles. Escape the city and come back to nature! However cheesy it may sound – Dream big and walk in the quiet.

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