Ahhh, we miss being able to feel our fingers and going out in this weather seems distasteful. So we at Laythams have rounded up the top ten Christmas movies. That way you can have a cozy night in, a glass of wine, and plenty of popcorn!

1. The Polar Express – this one will be popular with the children (and adults as well. Good idea to stick this on at Christmas Eve! Features a trip to the North Pole and the gift of belief.

2. Elf! – This is a lot of peoples’ favourite, it’s easy-going and uncomplicated and will have you laughing out loud on many occasions.

3. How the Grinch Stole Christmas – It features Jim Carrey…need we say more?

4. It’s a Wonderful Life – a true classic. Many of us will remember watching it with parents as the festive season approaches. Some even have traditions for watching it!

5. Home Alone – yes. Just yes. Laugh out loud as burglars attempt to break into a well-fortified house. A good laugh and a lot of slapstick humour.

6. The Nightmare Before Christmas – of course the age-old question still applies: is this a Halloween film, or a Christmas film?

7. Love Actually – this is a delightful romantic comedy with an all-star cast. Actually one of the best films going and is still one of our favourites.

8. Lethal Weapon – NOT for children. Seriously, this is an action film and is very violent, but it is still fantastic (it has snow in it…that makes it a Christmas movie right).

9. Arthur Christmas – one of the newer Christmas movies on the block. But it’s still decent and well worth a watch.

10. A Christmas Carol – Dickens has been impacting the world for generations. His novel has been transformed for the screen multiple times and it would be a shame not to watch it. So pick your favourite version and stick it on!

Do you have a favourite movie? Comment below.

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