Get Stuffed!

There is one thing more certain than death or taxation.  The average holiday maker develops an obsession with food.  It’s almost an unwritten law.  Holidays mean rich cuisine, cooked breakfasts, and lots of sweet treats.  Why shouldn’t we?  Having a break is all about indulgence.  Time for the self.  Be it just for a quick getaway from the rush and tumble of city-life, or for students celebrating a string of awesome results or just a bit of freedom.  Do you think I have hit the nail on the head?  Of course I have.  You have probably already googled nearby restaurants or pubs.  I am not judging, that is one of the first things I would do too.

So it may be of some interest to note that your early spring break at Laythams is about eight miles away from the Great British Food Festival.  Yes, the picturesque setting of Stonyhurst College hosts a weekend of indulgence.  Local and regional chefs flock to demonstrate their skills to you, the wet mouthed spectators.  Add real ales, a cake competition, sprinkle a liberal dose of craft and gift stalls, finally top off with live music, and the recipe for weekend is sure to leave you feeling satisfied.

You can book your very reasonably priced tickets on and get ready to fast for a few days in preparation.  This is a mouth-watering, and much anticipated event, and while you are in the area, you would be a raspberry fool to miss it.

Runs from 10th – 12th April.  See you there!

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