Halloween – Myths and Legends

Halloween is coming around and here at Laythams we thought we’d post something to get you in the spirit! Everyone loves a good myth or ghost story and we thought we’d dredge up some local legends to help you on your way into the spookiness of the season. So settle in, and pay attention, there’s a couple of scary stories on the way.

Have you heard of the Pendle Witches of 16th Century Lancashire? Witch Demdike sold herself to the devil and initiated her daughter into the arts of the infernal. Witch Chattox lived in the Forest of Pendle and spent her younger years as a wool-carder. They were both ancient, and they hated each other. The sky would light up after they would battle. Balls of fire burning the forest and scorching the land. It’s said that the Pendle Witches haunt the corridors of Clitheroe Castle, still holding their age-old battles. Have you seen them?

Or perhaps you’ve seen or felt a Boggart. Not the creature seen in the wizarding world, but the household spirits that linger on thresholds. And according to local legends, the area of Lancashire is rife with them. Be cautious of the tingles of your spine, the prickle of the hair on the back of your neck, as if someone’s watching you, because, chances are, they are. The Grizlehurst Boggart is particularly famous in these parts, leaving cloven hoof prints in its wake.

Also, thinking ahead: did you know that it was considered unlucky if your fire didn’t burn throughout the night of New Years? It spoke ill of the year ahead.

There are so many myths and legends saturated in this land. This time of the year is a perfect time to explore the witches, ghosts and bogeymen that haunt the past and present.

Do you have a ghost story? Comment below, we’d love to hear them!

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