History on the doorstep

Life at Laythams is always exciting, from the rolling Bowland countryside and the energetic farm animals to the historical aspects of the picturesque village of Slaidburn that lies just on the doorstep of our holiday destination.

And If history is your thing, then Laythams is the place for you to stay, bask and lap up all the historical monuments on offer in the surrounding village.

The grey stone village of Slaidburn is set on the banks of the moorland region of the Bowland Forest, a monument in itself which offers long, relaxing walking routes for the more energetic and adventurous visitors.

Historical landmarks lie nestled in this tiny village such as the ‘Angel Stone’ carving which can be seen at the Slaidburn Heritage Centre and the church of St. Andrew.

The St. Andrew church is a fifteenth century monument which has a large history that can be traced back over ten centuries, here you can see an 18th century three-decker pulpit complete with fringed cushions, massive ancient doors, a Jacobean chancel screen and unusual undisturbed Georgian box-pews which still retain the makers adze marks. Much of the woodwork is seventeenth century.

Just a short drive away from our holiday park Browsholme Hall can be found. A great day out for the entire family as it offers history, refreshments and open space for the children to play in. The grand interiors and antique furnishings paired with the stunning landscape of the Hodder Valley will leave visitors in awe. This hidden gem is definitely a place to visit when you come to Laythams.

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