Home Vs. Away

Home Vs. Away

Laythams Farm Vs. Abroad

Who doesn’t love getting away for a cheeky weekend? And hands up who wants it to be cosy, comfortable, straightforward and family friendly? Because, amidst the stresses and strains of everyday life, we all need to take time to treat ourselves, right? Talk to the Danes, allegedly “the happiest nation in the world” (think Hygge). They know a thing or two about simple pleasures, quality of life and down-time.

When planning your weekend away, where you want to spend it, and how easy you want it to be, consider this: How long will it take to get there? Imagine simply piling the whole family into your car, driving through tranquil and beautiful countryside, stopping at award-winning, cosy country pubs, stopping by flowing rivers to feed the ducks or exercise the dogs… Imagine meandering through quaint little towns, taking your time, turning up at your chosen accommodation whenever you like. Imagine being greeted by a warm and welcoming host, someone who is on call at any time, with recommendations and information and knowledge of the area, who declares that they will do all they can to make your stay the most memorable it can be! Sounds pretty good doesn’t it? Contrast this with an early morning scramble to the airport to catch that flight, sleep-deprived, bleary-eyed and irritable. How will you entertain the kids when you’re barely awake yourself? And what awaits you at the airport? The check-in queues, the security queues, the boarding queues… And at the other end? The inevitably late transfer bus which is always rammed with equally irritable and red-eyed holidaymakers.

Then there’s the accommodation. Instead of heading to the usual hotel which can sometimes feel rather impersonal, why not try something a little different, a home-from-home that is far more cosy and comfortable? Think roaring fires after a day of exploring and playing in the safety of the large gardens and endless fields: think freedom for the children and relaxation for the rest, think of fluffy beds and cosy cushions for movie time at the end of the day: think something for everyone! Not only this, but you can arrange to meet all your best friends there – the numerous accommodations being able to house several families under one roof.

And what about the area? Think about gorgeous walks through the countryside, for all ages and abilities, think cosy country pub lunches, visiting the local horse riding stables for a list of their extensive treks or a simple petting, or a quick stop

at the Wild Boar farm for something different? Imagine having all of the information you need easily accessible in packages when you arrive, and any questions you have to be answered immediately by the host on site, or over the telephone. This is in contrast to arriving into a completely unknown area which you will have to navigate, and with limited knowledge of it, without the personal touch of your very own contact.

One of the biggest plusses of choosing to stay with us is that you can bring – and are encouraged to do so – anything you want, be it packs of dogs, your children’s favourite toys or crates of your own favourite tipple. Best of all, there is no Baggage Limit! So load up all of your favourite things and have a wonderful weekend!

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