How to take good photos

Here at Laythams, we appreciate that your holiday is a time usually filled with stress. Particularly when it comes down to the famous ‘Family Holiday Album’. Granny wants photos of her grandkids, Aunt Bess wants to exclaim over the beautiful landscapes that surround you. (You can hear it already: ‘How lovely!’) And of course, it’s important to have photos to look back on so you can smile at the memories.

So we decided to gather a few pointers in order for you to make the most of whatever camera you’re working with.

Tip one: Think about it. Ok. So you want a cute picture of your little darling’s for Granny. How do you show them to their most adorable potential? How do you stop them from wriggling or pulling faces? Option one: tire them out, wait until they’re asleep and break out a sneaky, cheeky camera. Option two: engage them with an activity, get them colouring or flying a kite or having a water fight and snap one then. This will result in a more natural photo.

Tip two: Take your camera everywhere. If you need a landscape panorama for Aunt Bess, you need to find the best place possible. Find a secret place, under a tree looking to the sky, or by a small stream that sighs over stones.

Tip three: Rinse and repeat. If you take a bad photo, delete it and just take another. Go on a walk and experiment. Play with the settings (if you have them). Anyone can be a photographer; all it takes is a smidge of observation, a bit of practice and the determination to find that perfect photo.

So there it is, they seem obvious, but that is our little guide for taking the best photos for your holiday at Laythams. Good luck!

Any further tips? Comment below!

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