Hunting the Dragon.

I don’t think there is a true adult in the world.  Honestly.  I am yet to meet one.  Yes there are a lot of tall humans with briefcases, suits and other related adult-wear all getting up to the sound of an alarm clock. But give them a plastic sword and every single one of them becomes St George.  Honestly.  They all do it.  Don’t pretend you are any different.


I think as humans we never truly lose our thirst for adventure.  That is why we read books. Not that I am suggesting you take a break at Laythams to sit and read a book.  I am suggesting, since it is April and we all know that St George’s day is on the 23rd, then you take a day trip to Clitheroe castle.  All through this month they are hunting dragons.  Honestly.  They definitely are.


This is the time to grab your plastic sword (or confiscate one from a child who has been hitting their sibling with it) and make a tin-foil helmet.  There are many dragons hidden around the museum, and as well as learning all about the local folklore, you can interact with the past by hunting these loathsome lizards.  Honestly.  You can.


So between 11am and 3pm on any day, go and relive that childhood, have some fun.  Slay some dragons.  Take the smaller humans with you, let them have the goody bag that finding all the dragons earns you.  It will a blazing good time.  Honestly.

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