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In September, there are three words that resonate in England: back to school. Whether it’s your child’s first year of primary or last year of university. There are so many components to making sure your year (and theirs) is successful and, here at Laythams, we want to make sure that you’re ready for whatever comes up. So get ready for the black shoe polish, the steaming hot iron and significant lack of lay-ins.

Of course most children are at school now, so they should be settling back into their routines with, hopefully, limited tantrums. The first thing that becomes apparent, is the sheer amount of homework they get. Spellings, timetables, reading, activity sheets. Lots and lots. And of course, it’s partly your responsibility to make sure that they get around to doing it. Preferably before the night before!

Have you thought about a sticker sheet? A gold star for every piece of homework completed? Once you get ten stars they are allowed a treat? There are a lot of ways to make homework fun. Reading was always a favourite in our household.

The biggest thing to remember when helping your children with homework is patience. Think back to your days of mental maths and spellings. How long did your parents spend sitting with you? Did they at all?

Make sure your house is a learning environment. Turn of the TV, if you have more than one child, why not encourage them to sit together and do their allocated tasks? Encourage your eldest to help with the youngest. You get the idea.

Homework is a big part of a child’s development and it is important to make sure that it is a painless as possible. They may not want to learn at the moment, but later, when they’re applying for college, university or even their first job, they’ll thank you for it.

Are there any top tips that helped you get your children engage? Comment below!

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