Leave the marmalade at home

There is something about taking a rural holiday that is very appealing.  All that fresh air, all the idyllic scenery, you might imagine yourselves running into a dryad somewhere along the way.  The worry might be, that if you take your children with you, it wouldn’t be long before they are complaining, in that trapped animal way children do, that they are bored.  I mean, the batteries for their Nintendo DS ran out in the car journey.  You have already listened to their mantra “are we nearly there yet?”  When they arrive, all they see is green.  Endless green.  Then you are perhaps looking at a week of complaining, it can all get very wearing.  That needn’t be the case however.

The East Lancashire Railway is about a forty-five minutes’ drive from Laythams, and on April 8th Paddington Bear will be visiting.  The Peruvian celebrity will be exploring the historical railway, and what’s more, your ticket grants you unlimited access to Bury Transport Museum, as well as free travel on the trains.  There are activities planned for those energetic young minds, and the transport museum will satiate the more mature thirst for history.  You can book tickets in advance at www.eastlancsrailway.org.uk with family tickets costing only £37.00 for the day.  it’s a perfect day out!

Easter need not be a troubling prospect, in fact it could be entertaining for the entire family.  Just one little piece of advice though: Laythams will not be held responsible for the needless massacre of any marmalade left unattended.


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