Leaving the tech behind

Hands up if you go on holiday for the technology. Who here enjoys spending sweet, sweet time with a phone in hand and tablet in pocket (it’s a big pocket)? No? Nobody? Me neither.

When I go on holiday, I want time away from the constant twinkling of ringtones and insistent vibrations of incoming email. So why not go unplugged? Take your technology, by all means, but why not leave it on your bedside table when you arrive at Laythams? Switch your phones to silent and the level of fun to maximum!

This is a good opportunity to encourage your children to step away from interactive apps and step into the world, fully built for activities! When was the last time you kicked a football, caught a frisbee or flew a kite? If you can’t remember then the answer is probably ‘too long’! And you can bring your dogs with you to Laythams so that elusive game of catch is within your grasp (pun intended). This is a chance to breath in the open air and create a scene like the ones you see on TV when they advertise family holidays!

Seriously though, you want to take some time away from the tech? Step back from the messages and phonecalls and 24 hour facebook updates? Here is your chance. And if you are not eager to break out the football, kite or frisbee then you can always opt to read (reading is always fun!). A previous post features a list of three good books that would suit your surroundings in the glorious countryside of Laythams.

Whether you are in the cottage, lakehouse, or one of our other peaceful locations, you can always opt to unplug yourself from the outside world and plug yourself into the beauty that is Slaidburn. And why not dust off that kite? Britain tends to be rather windy.

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