Living the Laythams Night

I know I write a lot about what goes on in the day time, all the adventures you can have. It must feel like Laythams is just a fancy halfway house, or a centre of operations. It is true, there are some wonderful spots nearby, local pubs and restaurants, and I can bang on about the breath-taking panorama for an entire month of blogs. But what if you are not a touring alcoholic? What if you aren’t counting the amount of trees you can hug in a week? Sometimes the days are just too long to be bothered touring Lancashire in the evening.

Laythams can be a real home from home, just with the added bonus of a pool room and a piano room. Yes, absolutely right, the farmhouse has a pool table and a games room which you can chill out in. What about racking up an evening, and breaking away with a game of eight ball? Or if you fancy trying those fingers out on the piano, create your own karaoke session.

If you are staying in the Lakehouse, you don’t even need to leave the premises to get yourself pampered. Laythams boasts its own Sauna, and wet room, to sweat out the days exertions in, and if you still fancy a little stroll in the summer evening air, then you have a private lake to trip around.

But sometimes it is nice to reconnect with the world isn’t it? Pull your laptop out and tell the word “having a great time in Laythams. Fell over a chair. LOL OMG LMAO J”, or connect to online games. The internet is still there at your disposal for those moments you just wish to relax and not deal with tramping over hills and biking through woods.

So when you come, don’t worry about having nothing to do in the evening. Just come relax, and enjoy the area. If you don’t feel like heading out one night, then stay in. You’d be more than welcome to try and beat me at pool.

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