Relax on the run-up

November seems like such a long month. Only one more pay packet until that special holiday! Have you sorted your list and checked it twice? Or are you still in that post-Halloween denial? Maybe you want to get November out of the way first. And that is more than fair enough.

We’ve sighted some Christmas lights up already, and the adverts on TV are not helping that mid-month mania. Failing all else, hot chocolate is perfect for this time of year. Stock up on marshmallows and squirty cream.

Here, at Laythams, we know how stressful the lead up to Christmas can get. Therefore we have a couple of suggestions for you to relax and rest during those precious moments to yourself.

* Run a bath.
Get a book or music (or both), maybe a scented candle, maybe a glass of wine, and soak in that bubble bath you got for Christmas last year. There is nothing like a luxurious bath after a long day in the office.

* Order takeout and veg out.
We know: it’s not cost effective or waistline effective. But knowing that you are not responsible for cooking will often help you relax. Cooking can often double the amount of stress you’re feeling, so stick on that rom-com and prop up those feet.

* A night out.
Go watch the footie at the pub with your mates, or go clubbing. Having a good natter or dance will help that happiness feeling. Remember to stay safe though.

* Go for a walk.
A breath of fresh air will often give you some good thinking time and will relax you in the process.

* Do a project with your children.
It sounds odd, we know. But having a couple of hours spent painting a big picture together, or making a spaceship out of cardboard can actually be really fun!

So there are a variety of ways to relax. I’m sure there will be one to suit your needs! Hope that’s helped.

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