Saddling up for Spring.

Have you been enjoying the weather recently?  Spring certainly is here, that mythical ball of fire in the sky has been coming out to play more and more this month.  With spring comes a lot of beauty, don’t you think?  I mean, the trees have disrobed for so long even looking at them has been making us shiver.  But now all that green is starting to sprout, the birds are singing louder each morning, it’s worth slowing down for.

An hour away from Laythams is Lune Valley, and they do something really quite cool.  To anywhere in the Forest of Bowland, they deliver (and collect) a bicycle to rent.  They will deliver your bike, complete with helmet, lock and all necessary accessories.  To add to that they provide a selection of route sheets.

So, instead of getting in your car and boiling up on a busy road along with a plethora of irate motorists, take it easy.  Enjoy the spring-time scenery for a while, take a breath of air untouched by exhaust fumes.  The Forest of Bowland is the very epitome of picturesque, and we all remember from childhood – cycling is just good fun.  For £15.00 per day (including delivery and collection) it isn’t like you are going to breaking the bank either.

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