Secret Santa

One month until Santa comes to town! Are you a Christmas jumper kind of person? Here at Laythams we most certainly are! But all the stress that comes with the run up to Christmas is not so fluffy and warming. Secret Santa in particular can be rather worrying. True, you have the benefit of anonymity, but you want to be the person who gets it right.

With Secret Santa you have two main methods of approaching it. The funny way, or the more serious way. The funny way is quite easy, and good if the person you have to buy for is someone you don’t know very well. It basically entails buying a gag gift, such as a box of cheese-flavoured chocolate, a packet of Ghost Chillies, or a shirt with High School Musical on it. A mug with ‘sarcasm loading’ written on it, or a Dr Who spork. The possibilities are only as limited as your imagination. (Yes, we are aware of how cheesy that line sounds. But it still stands. It’s true!)

So that’s the funny approach…and then you have the more serious idea. This is a more appropriate approach to people you know better, and ones you want to make happy. So buy them a voucher for their favourite shop, a box of their favourite hot chocolate, a Christmas jumper, a Dr Who spork (some people may want one!). A little something to make their Christmas all the brighter. Hopefully then, the Secret Santa session will go well and everyone ends up with something that makes them smile.

Do you have a fond memory of a Secret Santa, gone really well or really wrong? Why not share it below and spread the laughter a little further. We look forward to hearing from you! Enjoy your Secret Santa’s!

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