The Next Season

Halloween is over. The seasonal aisle has been completely restocked. Your little ‘monsters’ are on their way to becoming little ‘angels’ (or donkeys or stars…whatever the nativity play calls for) and the build up to THAT time of year has begun. How are your lists looking? Have you checked them twice? (Hehe). Here at Laythams we appreciate the idea of getting started early. And as such we have gathered some ideas together for you to bless your friends and family with.

  • For your special person. You know who we’re on about…that one person you think of before others. What’s their favourite thing? What do they like doing? Maybe they like the theatre, going out for a meal, or ice skating? Even if it’s something you’ve done together before. After all, time is the most precious thing you can give someone.
  • For your children. Sometimes it’s not about the latest gadget or toy. But those can help too. Maybe you could buy them a board game that you could all play together. After all, people are more inclined towards family at this time of year.
  • For your teenagers. Ah the monosyllabic answers. How we love the conversations with those in the cursed age of teenagerdom. What are your teenagers interested in? Are any of their favourite bands playing? Or maybe their favourite YouTuber is doing a meet and greet? This one may take some research, but you know them better than anyone else.
  • For your co-workers. Now this can be tricky. Avoiding blatant favouritism can be done simply by avoiding buying them different things. Get a multi-pack of cakes and decorate them. Put them in little bags with a Christmas card and there you go.

Our top advice though? Don’t over-complicate and don’t worry. People don’t love you for the things you give them but for so many other reasons.

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