Three things you need when coming to Laytham’s.

The best things about holidaying in the UK, is that you don’t need to hunt your house for a passport, worry about what shots you need to get, or negotiate travel insurance with some porcelain doll in a stiff dress. You can pretty much pay and travel wherever you decide to visit. No extra anxieties, and let us be fair, we are ready for anything when it comes to the weather. But, there are still things you need to bring with you when you come to visit us here at Laytham’s.


Yes, in the heart of the Bowlands Forest, you are surrounded by perpetual panoramic views. (Guess who has been learning new words this week). In a few years, you are going to want to look back over the time you spent here, as you do with anything memorable. Some of you may be lucky enough to have one of those smartphones that can take a series of photo’s and put them together. Either way, make sure you are here with plenty of battery, or plenty of film for there is so much to take in.

Light it up:

It comes strongly recommended that you buy a torch. Don’t worry, we have electricity, but unless you have the ultimate extension cord, how are you going to enjoy a night time stroll? Would it amaze you to know that the Forest of Bowland is one of the darkest areas in England, which makes stargazing an absolute wonder. The Milky Way owns the sky, and for those romantic types there is nothing better than a world lit by starlight. The torch is just to make sure you step in something unsavoury.

Wear and tear:

Packing all your suits may not be the best idea. Given the weather, wellies might be advisable at times, however, let’s be pragmatic about things. If you are not the sort to go tramping around the countryside and call it fun, you are still going to want to be wearing something comfortable. There is so much to do, you aren’t going to want a three piece coffin and noose all day.

So get packing, you are going to love your stay here, whether you are a night owl or an early bird.

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