Visiting us on a snowy break? Say no more

It’s been the coldest winter on record they say, as they say every year, and have said for the last 20 years. But somehow it does seem chillier, brisker and icier. With multiple weather warnings throughout this deep winter Britain yet to be blanketed in the snow the kids oh so hope for. Here at Laythams we aren’t afraid of snow, we embrace snow, I mean, what better opportunity for some lovely nature photography, or quality time off work with the kids. If you do happen to stay with us here at Laythams on a snowy break we have a few tips to help keep you warm and enjoying your stay in our luxury homes.

1. Keep wrapped up – whether you’re off on a winter walk or snuggling down to watch an old fashioned movie on the sofa, keep yourself wrapped up and warm to aid away stiff, cold joints and sniffley noses.

2. Don’t be afraid to turn the fire on – many of our luxurious cottages are fully equipped with working, traditional fires. Perfect to gather around and spend quality family time.

3. Take part in indoor activities – get creative with what you have available to you, indulge in some luxury baking and cooking, the heat of the oven is sure to keep you toasty and warm. Create family fun, active games and luckily our cottages are equipped with wifi so if you need a little pop of inspiration Google will be sure to lend a helping hand.

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