When the leaves start falling…

Here at Laythams, we take pride in our area. Whether that’s encouraging you to check out our amazing history sites (check out our previous blog on the subject) or suggesting methods of making the most of our beautiful countryside, we are all for supporting you in your time here. We know how rich the land is for opportunities and events and we want to share that knowledge with you! So keep an open mind and read on!

But, now that breath has started misting in our faces, and glasses steam up when coming into the warm. Fingers stay shoved deep in pockets and your chin is tucked snugly into the collar of your coat. Not to mention the leaves crunching underfoot, we figured you might want some ideas that don’t necessary require gloves, hats, scarves and all the other paraphernalia associated with autumn on this wondrous island.

There are a lot of potential activities and outings for you to enjoy over then next couple of weeks. And the variety is astounding, like Shakespeare? There’s Hamlet on at The ACE Centre on the 15th October. Fan of music? Well, there’s The Bon Jovi Experience at King George’s Hall on the 17th October. Not a Bon Jovi fan? Why not check out Manford’s Comedy Club?

Check out what is occurring in the area for when you are coming to stay. Who knows what you could find. Folk evenings, arts and crafts, dancing, martial arts, galleries, exhibitions, gigs. It’s all there at your fingertips. There are a lot of family friendly events in the daytime too, so don’t worry about keeping the kids entertained. Why not go look in Slaidburn, without planning, and have a wander. Some of the best memories are made from chance trips out.

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