Why Laythams is the best place to stay in the UK.

It’s a heck of a claim isn’t it? How many places claim to be the best place to stay in the UK I wonder? Well, let us be honest, no site is going to say: “we have a great view of the waterfall, but piranha keep swimming up the u-bend”. Not that Laythams have a toilet/deadly fish problem. That is not what I am suggesting at all.

You often find most places cater for a limited demographic. Often, you can have the white knuckle rides, but nowhere to soak up a bit of culture. OR. You can have a hub of creativity and knowledge, but the most exciting thing to get your heart pumping might actually be recorded on your Sky-Box when you get home. That is all well and good, to be honest I can’t imagine grandparents living la Vida loca in Ibiza with all the students anyway. But it is nice to have a spot of diversity is it not?

Lancashire has it all, the trouser loosening ‘Pepsi Max’ a short drive away, a breathtaking panorama surrounding, things for children and adults alike. In some cases I know there is little difference however, but for those who like to act their age, you are not limited.

I think what swings it for me is the subtle collision of urban and rural, with the added bonus of being able to bring your bucket and spade. London is great, full of culture, but the hotels suffer because of the white noise of traffic and the less than leisurely express lifestyle. Likewise, marooning yourself in the far north of Scotland is like taking a trip beyond the wall. Not even Jon Snow can find you something riveting to do. In Laythams you have the peace to sleep off a day exhaustively filled with activities.

And the toilets are piranha free. Mercifully.

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