Windy Weather!

The fireworks were phenomenal. We, at Laythams, do love it when the sky lights up at night. The Catherine wheels, sparklers and all-out boomer’s are always entertaining and even more so are the audiences’ “ahhs” and “ooos”. Some people are not fond of fireworks and prefer to stay in and listen to loud music (we prefer James Blunt). And that’s ok.

It has been a bit windy this week though. The sheep were not impressed; it made their wool all fluffy! And so we thought it would be a good season to line up our top three styles for those with lots of hair.

1. The Ponytail.
Easy. Seriously, just chuck it in a hair band like you did all those years ago when getting ready for PE. Want a bit more? Well why not add a twist? Once in a bobble, separate your hair in half (above the band), tuck the tail in, pull down and pull tight. Now it really does have a lovely twist! Or you could even go cutesy and have two ponytails.

2. The Plait.
Ok, here you have options. You can do the simple Three-Braid, the French, the Fishtail, or something else entirely! Whether you’re aiming for Katniss or Cleopatra, we’re sure there’s a style to tame your luscious locks.

3. The ‘Messy’ Bun.
Again, quite simple. Just wrap your hair round itself and clutch it tight with a grip or bobble. If it’s really windy out there, you could start this off as a ponytail and then wrap it. This would mean using two hair bands but results in a much more secure do.

And there you have it. Three interesting and easy (Pinterest-free) hairstyles that we can all do. Benefits: doesn’t take long, no extra products needed, no fuss, and easy to redo wherever you are that day!

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